2018 Schedule

The event unfolds over a three or four day weekend, with arrival the day before your first full day.  Here’s what you can expect:

Thursday, August 24:

While there is no formal instruction provided on Thursday, attendees who plan to participate in the on-land workshops or Friday on-water or rope gymnastics activities may begin arriving at 3 p.m.  Dinner will be provided.  Note that there is an additional fee for Thursday arrival.

Friday, August 25:

After breakfast, Chuck Smith, kayak builder and proprietor of Aluu Paddles, will demonstrate the skin replacement process on a skin-on-frame kayak from the Qajaq USA fleet.  This will be a day-long process.  As it suits your interest you will be able to participate in or observe the process at any time.  Mike Bielski and Michelle Delaporte will be doing a more structured workshop helping participants make custom cockpit covers for their kayaks.  (There is a materials fee and separate registration required for the cockpit cover workshop.)  There will also be on-water and rope gymnastics instruction throughout the day.  Attendees who plan to arrive on Friday may join us at any time, but the pontoon boat will not begin ferrying gear until 3 pm, so be sure to bring over any gear you may need before then in your kayak.

Saturday, August 26:

Formal instruction continues on Saturday, with scheduled sessions in strokes/Greenland paddle usage, rolling, harpoon skills, and rope gymnastics.  There will be social hour before dinner, followed by a silent auction and raffle in the lodge.

Sunday, August 27:

After breakfast, individual on-water and rope gymnastics instruction continues.  People with long drives begin to pack up and move gear to the pontoon boat, which will begin ferrying gear as soon as there is a full load, before lunch.  Following lunch, departures begin in earnest as we say good bye to Camp Lookout for another year.  Having your gear ready to load on the pontoon boat early will help avoid a great deal of chaos.

Surfing and rough water training will happen when and if conditions allow.  If you plan to participate you MUST have a kayak with bulkheads or a kayak with float bags (float bags and sea sock are preferred), and a helmet.