2019 Schedule

The event unfolds over a three or four day weekend, with arrival the day before your first full day.  Here’s what you can expect:

Thursday, August 22:

Instruction on Thursday is a bit less formal as people are flowing into camp. Participants may begin arriving at 3 pm and we will have some mentors on the water ready to go! Demonstrate your 2019 wet exit. Get a head start on your new roll this year. Try a skin-on-frame before the dock gets busy. The possibilities are endless! At 6pm we will all gather for our first delicious meal of the weekend. After dinner you can potentially expect a bon fire, an impromptu ropes demo, Greenlandic singing lessons or socializing on the porch overlooking the lake. This is a great time to settle in and catch up with faces you may not have seen since last year.

Friday, August 23:

Friday morning kicks off our core activities. Formal instruction will begin after breakfast and again after a break for lunch. A schedule will be provided when you arrive at camp so that you can plan your weekend, but over the weekend expect opportunities to:

–                 get comfortable on or under the water

–                 learn rolling 1:1 with a mentor

–                 join a pod of rollers all learning similar techniques

–                 improve your aim with a harpoon

–                 perfect your forward or maneuvering strokes

–                 pick up a new ropes move

–                 learn how to build a qajaq (kayak)

–                 test out different traditional Inuit gear

–                 get more experience with rescues

If the weather cooperates, we may update the schedule to include rolling, rescues, and surfing in the waves on Lake Michigan or, on the other end of the spectrum, go for a paddle on the lake’s calm waters.

At dinner, we will draw names to choose our teams for The 90-Minute Competition which will begin with the 90-minute qajaq build promptly after we finish our meal.

Saturday, August 24:

Formal instruction continues on Saturday. Immediately following breakfast the race portion of The 90-Minute Competition will take place.  The remains of the qaannat will be burned at the evening bonfire on the Lake Michigan beach. There will be social hour before dinner, followed by the raffle, silent auction, and live auction in the lodge.

Sunday, August 25:

After breakfast, individual on-water and rope gymnastics instruction continues.  People with long drives begin to pack up and move gear to the pontoon boat, which will begin ferrying gear as soon as there is a full load, before lunch.  Following lunch, departures begin in earnest as we say goodbye to Camp Lookout for another year.  Having your gear ready to load on the pontoon boat early will help avoid a great deal of chaos.

Surfing and rough water training will happen when and if conditions allow.  If you plan to participate you MUST have a kayak with bulkheads or a kayak with float bags (float bags and sea sock are preferred), and a helmet.