Our focus is strictly Greenland techniques and skills.  All types of kayaks are welcome, but we will work specifically with Greenland paddles.  Qajaq USA has an array of gear available for trial use including paddles, tuiliks (neoprene paddling jackets), harpoons, and a selection of skin-on-frame kayaks.  This gear is intended to be shared over the course of the weekend.  Many attendees will also have gear they are willing to loan, so if you are interested in acquiring gear of your own, training camp would be a great opportunity to try things out before making an investment.

Although we consider this a “paddle-in” event, all gear will be ferried from the parking lot to the camp via the pontoon boat.  Your kayak need only carry items you may need for the afternoon of your arrival.  While it is a short walk from the parking lot to the beach for launching your kayak and the dock for gear shuttle, it is very sandy.  Be prepared to carry any luggage with wheels, as they will not roll over the sand.

Parking is secure but limited.  On arrival days there will be helpers fitting cars in.  If you can share a ride it would be to the benefit of all.
Lodging for the event is on-site in rustic cabins, with limited tent camping.

All meals are provided on-site.  Special dietary needs will be accommodated as long as they are noted on your registration.  Alcoholic beverages are allowed, but may only be consumed after the completion of all on-water activities for the day.  Snacks are also allowed, but must be stored in the dining hall.  No food is allowed in cabins due to the cleverness of woodland creatures.

Towels are not provided.  Please remember to bring towels!

Be sure to check the suggested gear list.

USCG Approved Life Jackets must be worn for all on-water activities.